Development of clinical diagnostic methods by sensing disease markers (by biochemistry, immunochemistry, and material physics manners)

What we pursue as next-generation medical diagnostic items contains three elements of minimal invasion,
compact size, and individualized medical care. We achieve these goals
by utilizing our technology in sensing disease molecules.


  • Development of analytical instruments, diagnostic agents
    We are developing analytical instruments and diagnostic agents related to Point of Care Testing (POCT). POCT is an examination that enables prompt and appropriate consultation at the side of a subject regardless of location or scene such as a physicians office, bedside, or at home. We will make medical treatment more familiar and contribute to improvement of QOL by making IT diagnosis result on POCT managed on the cloud.
  • New biomarkers
    Biomarkers are indicators for objectively measuring and evaluating the state, progress and degree of treatment of a particular disease. We are aiming for tailor made medicine that allows patients to grasp the state of disease and carry out appropriate treatment individually by advancing the clinical development of new biomarkers.
  • Basic technology of medical equipment
    In the development of medical equipment, we are developing the original technology as the foundation. Our strength is that we possess technological capabilities that can answer all needs of medical institutions and customers.

PRODUCT LINEUP This information is intended for medical professionals and experts

Development of diagnostic equipment suitable for the next generation type of point of care testing kit
POCT(Point Of Care Testing)
Many clinical sites are now handling large volumes of specimens by large-scale automatic inspection equipment. Therefore, it takes time to show the inspection value and conclude results for each person. To avoid this problem, in recent years, a small clinical testing device termed Point Of Care Testing Kit (POCT: inspection at places where healthcare is carried out) is getting popular. However, it is difficult for POCTs to give highly accurate inspection values due to technical limitations. Most POCTs are limited to show ON / OFF (positive / negative) diagnosis only.
The POCT which we are developing is using various image processing technology, formulation technology, and material physics technology for detection based either on biochemical or on immunological principles, making it possible to measure the inspection sticks accurately and simultaneously (patent pending).
With our POCTs, we achieved multiple examinations simultaneously and easily, and moreover, these POCTs work without limitation of time and places. These POCTs are highly promising in fields requiring promptness such as visiting medicine, emergency medical care, and telemedicine.

Development of non-invasive diagnostic probe that can be applied for the diagnosis and prognosis of endometriosis progression
Transvaginal ultrasound and NIR prove for EAOC diagnosis
Endometriosis affects about 10% of women with menstrual cycle and about 1% of patients with chocolate cysts grow ovarian cancer. Diagnosis of tumorgenesis of chocolate cyst depends on the pathological examination of the excised tissue. Many patients with chocolate cysts are not cancerized, considering the possibility of tumorgenesis in the future, however, are suggested surgical removal of the cyst in many cases. Thus, it is expected to put into practice using a diagnostic method with less invasion and higher accuracy. Recently, by collaborating with Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Nara Medical University, we discovered an iron complex in living body as a biomarker. By detecting this biomarker in chocolate cystic fluid, we can determine the degree of malignancy (cancer, non-cancer). We further developed a minimally invasive transvaginal probe (sensor) for clinical detection of this biomarker. Japanese Patent No. 6078687


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